Thursday, September 26, 2013

Awesome Wheeled Luggage for Kids: Jansport Wheeled Backpacks

Choosing the most appropriate luggage for your child can be tricky, as there are a number of considerations you need to factor-in to your purchase. When it comes to portability, utility, convenience, and a cool design, Jansport backpacks offer the ideal wheeled luggage for kids.

That's right, Jansport does indeed make backpack wheeled luggage, and it's quite awesome for kids. Below we highlight a couple great options to consider.

The Jansport "Driver 8" Wheeled Backpack

The Driver 8 model from Jansport is one of the most popular and handy wheeled backpack luggage options on the market. It provides an excellent way for your child to carry all his clothing and supplies without any problem. There are many benefits associated with the Driver 8 from Jansport.

Of the most significant is its impressive size, as it provides your child a lot of space to make use of. Whether it is books, notebooks, a computer, clothing, or any other objects your kid needs for school or traveling, the Driver 8 will offer the capacity to pack a wide range of items. With four large compartments, this wheeled luggage from Jansport will help your child transport his or her goods in mobile fashion. With the wheeled luggage option, your child does not need to carry this backpack on his back all the time and he is always free to use the wheels in order to simplify portability.

The Diver 8 model from Jansport is suitable for both kids and young adults of any age, and it represents a very affordable and valuable investment for anyone who needs something that offer both exceptional utility and style.

The Jansport "Wheeled Superbreak" Backpack

The second option in our series is the the Jansport Wheeled Superbreak. This backpack from Jansport is also an extremely suitable choice for students who needs a new and very functional backpack. Although the overall design of this wheeled luggage is very similar to other Jansports backpack models, the novel and unique patterns (in addition to the wheeled luggage option) provides a fashionable option for kids.

There are numerous advantages associated with the Jansport Wheeled Superbreak luggage, and one of the most significant is all the available space it provides. Your child is able to keep every school supply he needs with him, along with other personal objects, such as his mobile phone or portable audio player, if he has any. From books to notebooks, from pencil boxes and various projects, this Jansport backpack constitutes a perfect option for every student, no matter what grade he is.

Another extraordinary advantage of the Jansport Wheeled Superbreak is that your child does not need to burden his back carrying it all the way from home to school and back. This handy form of Jansport luggage provides the comfort to handle the backpack with ease just like a normal luggage.

Apart from being available in numerous online stores and shops in various patterns and models, the Jansport Wheeled Superbreak model has an extremely reasonable price, which makes it an appropriate choice for every parent's budget. The Superbreak, which is one of the most popular options of Jansport luggage for kids is on sale at Lexington Luggage for $74.99. You can also find the Drive 8 for discount price at Lexington Luggage for $99.00.

 Both of these wheeled backpacks from Jansport made with water resistant and highly durable materials. Your child will be able to keep this backpack for a longer periods of time and use it for vacations, as well as school for many years to come.

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  1. Making sure that backpack for kids are durable and efficient should be our number one concern. Some cheap bags are made with brittle plastic linings. These would often tear or break easily without notice. As these tear apart, it can leave sharp edges hanging out of the seams which can scratch the skin. Some bags are also made with cheap quality zippers which at time would easily snap and pose as a safety hazard.