Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Best Wheeled Luggage for Toddlers & Young Kids

If you're looking for the best wheeled luggage for toddlers and young children, then you should definitely read into this insightful article about some of the top luggage brands and models for kids. These top models provide the best value for money, and with their rolling features, toddlers and children can not only carry the luggage the back or choose to roll it along. The following is a look at such three types.

Heys Marvel Avengers Kids Luggage 

Heys Marvel Avengers Kids Luggage comes in a light form that makes it easy to tag along over any surface. It has skater wheels that tilt backward, thus providing the right traction when traveling over stony ground or pavements. The suspension of the wheel underneath the set also makes it easy to hoist above the level of the surface while its rolling-style rubber tips ensure that it careers smoothly. Other essential features include:
  • 18 inches in height, 11 inches in width and 9 inches in breadth. 
  • An automatic zipping system that opens into a well-furnished interior where the child can keep toys, uniform, books and stationery.
  • An automatic release trolley-style handle that the user can simply push into the closet and just pull it out when traveling.
Besides those attributes, the Heys Marvel wheeled luggage for toddlers comes in a wonderful finish replete with patterns including imprints of roses. It is also convenient from the fact that it weighs just 3.7 pounds. Its asking price is $59.99.

Disney Fairies Rolling Luggage

The Disney Fairies Rolling Luggage measures 15 inches in height, 11 inches in width and 6 inches in breadth. This measurement does not incorporate the wheel system or other protrusions like the handle. 
When the latter is fully extended, this luggage set reaches a full height of 39.75 inches. This wheeled luggage for toddlers is convenient for little ones just learning to walk on their own, from ages three and above. Other particulars of this product include:
  • Dual wheels that roll the suitcase in either direction.
  • A handle at the top of the case for easy maneuvering.
  • Dual zip that provides perfect enclosure for the contents including the uniform and stationery.
Besides the above attributes, this particular wheeled luggage set for toddlers features a light design but which enjoys strong, taut make that guarantees against tear and wear. Unlike most discounted wheeled luggage sets, this kids luggage set current retail value is low price of $29.99.

Travel Buddies Percy Penguin Luggage Set

Travel Buddies Percy Penguin is yet another wonderful set for the fashionable child. It comes with a dual set that is inclusive of a strap-on pack that the little one can easily hop along with to school or a travel terminus. The other half of the set is the rolling bag that has ample space for including such paraphernalia as toys, footwear and uniform. Special attributes include:
  • Due its lightweight, it is suitable for long trips.
  • It is diminutive in size, meaning the child can easily tag it along even when full.
  • It is available at an asking price of $89.99 at Amazon and is suitable for children just above two and a half years old.
One can select any of the above discount wheeled luggage sets for toddlers to get the best value for money. They have two essential things in common: they are lightweight and feature convenient rolling and handling mechanisms.