Thursday, December 19, 2013

3 of the Best Discount Luggage Sets for Kids

Luggage sets for kids help to make kids independent and responsible. Having a special luggage set for their travel needs helps kids to stay organized while travelling. During travel other than clothes kids have a lot more stuff to pack along.

There is a huge variety of luggage sets in the market to choose from depending on age, gender, color, favorite characters and much more. There are many discount luggage sets available for kids which are value for money and can easily be bought online by doing a little research. Details of some of the best options are given below.

Jumping Beans Aviator 3PC Luggage Set

This kid's 3 piece luggage set includes a wheeling carry on, wheeled duffle and backpack. Each bag is perfectly sized keeping in consideration that they are to be used and carried by kids.

Each bag has mesh pockets on the inside to help organize essential items.The bags have external pockets to pack small belongings which are easily reachable. These items can be used during travel, as you can easily take them out without having to open the luggage bag.

Wheeled bags in this discount luggage set have in-line skate wheels and retractable handle for easy use. Children can easily carry their own bags by pulling them along.High quality polyester is used for the construction of the bags making it durable and long lasting.

Each bag in this discount luggage set have a zipper enclosure, which are very smooth and easy to open and close. You great can find comparable discount luggage sets like this at Lexington Luggage, a provider of discount luggage with countless kids options at great prices.

Kid-friendly Benefits of the Jumping Beans Luggage Set

The color combination and design is very attractive. The small airplane images on the bags make it a favorite for kids and specially boys who are usually obsessed with cars and planes.

They are light weight and easy to carry or roll during travel using the retractable handle.The bags are very compact and spacious allowing packing of almost all kid’s essentials during travel.

TrendyKid 2PC Rusty Robot Luggage Set

This is a two piece luggage set that includes 13” backpack and 18” wheeled case. Both bags are brightly colored and shiny in appearance. The size is perfect to fit all essential items required by kids during travel. The robot shape of the luggage set makes it attractive and distinguishes it from others gear.

As one of the most popular discount luggage sets for kids, each bag is constructed of ABS hard shell, making the bags strong and durable. The wheeled case has in-line easy roll wheels and an adjustable height pull handle for easy rolling of the bag.The backpack and wheeled case have matching design.

Both bags are shaped like a cute looking robot.The backpack has adjustable back straps for comfortable carrying of the bag.The wheeled case has an inside zipper compartment and garment straps which helps to keep the kids stuff well organized. The backpack has internal pocket for keeping small items.

Kid-friendly Benefits of the TendyKid Rust Robot Luggage Set

The size of the bags in this discount luggage set is perfect to store kids travel and play essentials.The bags are light weight and easy to carry or roll. The ABS hard shell material makes the luggage set strong and water resistant. Each of the bags are easy to clean. Wiping the bags with a clean cloth makes them almost new and shiny.This luggage is worth the money you spend.

Obersee O3 Kids Star Luggage and Backpack Set

This discount luggage set is a blend of creativity, functionality and style. The luggage set includes a backpack and a luggage suitcase. Both the backpack and the suitcase feature an integrated snack cooler. This luggage set is perfect for age group 3-6 years.

Both the bags have a front insulated pocket which acts like a snack cooler and is perfect for keeping snacks on the go. The size of the backpack is ideal for use as carry-on baggage during travel.The backpack size is perfect for school and fits a standard size school folder. The suitcase is perfect for travels needs of 5-6 days.

The backpack has many pockets which help to keep kids organized. It has a side drink pocket, front cooler pocket and internal organizer pockets to keep pens, special notes or diaries and other similar stuff.

The suitcase has clothing straps for organizing clothes in the main suitcase compartment and an interior zipper pocket for small items. The backpack has padded and adjustable mesh straps for comfortable carrying of the backpack. The luggage set is constructed of polyester and is highly durable. The suitcase has wheels and pull bar for easy rolling.

Kid-friendly Benefits of the Obersee O3 Kids Star Luggage Set

The color combination is unique and perfect for girls. The rhinestone star design complements the bags and makes them more attractive. The insulated snack cooler on the luggage and backpack is ideal for keeping snacks while travelling. This Luggage set has many pockets which help to store items in a better and organized manner.

The size of backpack is perfect for school, making it a multipurpose bag which can be used for both travel and school. These are some of the best discount luggage sets available for kids at a reasonable price and are value for money. You can buy these quality luggage sets based on your kid’s liking of color and characters. This will not only keep your kids happy but make them independent.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

3 of the Best Spinner Luggage Sets for Kids

When travelling, it is very important to ensure that you have a good luggage set for the children. These sets should be different from those used by adults. The reason being that at their age, they not only need something more functional and mobile, but also something that's fun.

When it comes to mobility and functionality, spinner luggage sets are ideal of kids. These luggage sets offer an added layer of convenience and portability. So in this review, we identify a number of spinner luggage sets specially designed for kids.

Travel Buddies Luggage Set

This is one of the highest rated luggage set for kids in America. A quick look at all the top online sellers in America indicates that the product is one of the top selling spinner luggage set for kids. Retailing at just $89 at Amazon (and other e-commerce websites), the luggage set is pretty affordable. Some of the features that make the travel buddies luggage set are: it is made of plastic, 18” wheelie suitcase and a 13” hard shell bag pack.

The back pack is intended for the storage of some crucial items such as a tablet and a Kindle. There are a number of reasons why this luggage set is the most preferred by many Americans. One, the wheeler set is easy to roll as it has very powerful wheels. In fact, the wheels of this luggage set are very strong such that they are not easy to get damaged. Secondly, the Travel Buddies luggage set has very useful and easy to use compartments which make packing easier. Lastly, the pull handle can be adjusted to handle both the adult and the child. At Amazon, the bag has a 5 star rating with most users indicating how efficient it really is.

Rockland 2 Piece Luggage Set 

Rockland 2-piece luggage set is one of the most popular name-brand luggage sets for kids. The set comes in various colors such as black, red, pink and purple. The set retails at just $80 and is currently being used in America, Canada and a couple of more countries.

At Amazon, the set has very positive reviews from most users who have given it a 5-star rating. Some of the reasons which make this set of luggage very attractive are: has skate wheels which are able to move in any direction, expandable, has a high quality internal handle, it is made of 100% polyester and also it has a full lining which ensures its durability.

American Tourister Luggage AT Pop Three-Piece Spinner Set

This is also another very common luggage set. When brand new, the set retails at between $80-120 which makes it quite affordable among many consumer. At various e-commerce websites and review sites, this luggage set has received a 5 star rating.

Some of the top reasons for this are: durability since it is made of 600 denier polyester which is one of the most durable materials, has 4 spinner wheels which are multi-directional, high quality compartments and lastly its padded top and side handles which facilitate mobility.

These spinner luggage sets for kids offer the much-valued performance and at a price that's well worth it. Stay tuned at Kids Luggage of Wheels blog for more awesome reviews.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Best Wheeled Luggage for Toddlers & Young Kids

If you're looking for the best wheeled luggage for toddlers and young children, then you should definitely read into this insightful article about some of the top luggage brands and models for kids. These top models provide the best value for money, and with their rolling features, toddlers and children can not only carry the luggage the back or choose to roll it along. The following is a look at such three types.

Heys Marvel Avengers Kids Luggage 

Heys Marvel Avengers Kids Luggage comes in a light form that makes it easy to tag along over any surface. It has skater wheels that tilt backward, thus providing the right traction when traveling over stony ground or pavements. The suspension of the wheel underneath the set also makes it easy to hoist above the level of the surface while its rolling-style rubber tips ensure that it careers smoothly. Other essential features include:
  • 18 inches in height, 11 inches in width and 9 inches in breadth. 
  • An automatic zipping system that opens into a well-furnished interior where the child can keep toys, uniform, books and stationery.
  • An automatic release trolley-style handle that the user can simply push into the closet and just pull it out when traveling.
Besides those attributes, the Heys Marvel wheeled luggage for toddlers comes in a wonderful finish replete with patterns including imprints of roses. It is also convenient from the fact that it weighs just 3.7 pounds. Its asking price is $59.99.

Disney Fairies Rolling Luggage

The Disney Fairies Rolling Luggage measures 15 inches in height, 11 inches in width and 6 inches in breadth. This measurement does not incorporate the wheel system or other protrusions like the handle. 
When the latter is fully extended, this luggage set reaches a full height of 39.75 inches. This wheeled luggage for toddlers is convenient for little ones just learning to walk on their own, from ages three and above. Other particulars of this product include:
  • Dual wheels that roll the suitcase in either direction.
  • A handle at the top of the case for easy maneuvering.
  • Dual zip that provides perfect enclosure for the contents including the uniform and stationery.
Besides the above attributes, this particular wheeled luggage set for toddlers features a light design but which enjoys strong, taut make that guarantees against tear and wear. Unlike most discounted wheeled luggage sets, this kids luggage set current retail value is low price of $29.99.

Travel Buddies Percy Penguin Luggage Set

Travel Buddies Percy Penguin is yet another wonderful set for the fashionable child. It comes with a dual set that is inclusive of a strap-on pack that the little one can easily hop along with to school or a travel terminus. The other half of the set is the rolling bag that has ample space for including such paraphernalia as toys, footwear and uniform. Special attributes include:
  • Due its lightweight, it is suitable for long trips.
  • It is diminutive in size, meaning the child can easily tag it along even when full.
  • It is available at an asking price of $89.99 at Amazon and is suitable for children just above two and a half years old.
One can select any of the above discount wheeled luggage sets for toddlers to get the best value for money. They have two essential things in common: they are lightweight and feature convenient rolling and handling mechanisms.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Awesome Wheeled Luggage for Kids: Jansport Wheeled Backpacks

Choosing the most appropriate luggage for your child can be tricky, as there are a number of considerations you need to factor-in to your purchase. When it comes to portability, utility, convenience, and a cool design, Jansport backpacks offer the ideal wheeled luggage for kids.

That's right, Jansport does indeed make backpack wheeled luggage, and it's quite awesome for kids. Below we highlight a couple great options to consider.

The Jansport "Driver 8" Wheeled Backpack

The Driver 8 model from Jansport is one of the most popular and handy wheeled backpack luggage options on the market. It provides an excellent way for your child to carry all his clothing and supplies without any problem. There are many benefits associated with the Driver 8 from Jansport.

Of the most significant is its impressive size, as it provides your child a lot of space to make use of. Whether it is books, notebooks, a computer, clothing, or any other objects your kid needs for school or traveling, the Driver 8 will offer the capacity to pack a wide range of items. With four large compartments, this wheeled luggage from Jansport will help your child transport his or her goods in mobile fashion. With the wheeled luggage option, your child does not need to carry this backpack on his back all the time and he is always free to use the wheels in order to simplify portability.

The Diver 8 model from Jansport is suitable for both kids and young adults of any age, and it represents a very affordable and valuable investment for anyone who needs something that offer both exceptional utility and style.

The Jansport "Wheeled Superbreak" Backpack

The second option in our series is the the Jansport Wheeled Superbreak. This backpack from Jansport is also an extremely suitable choice for students who needs a new and very functional backpack. Although the overall design of this wheeled luggage is very similar to other Jansports backpack models, the novel and unique patterns (in addition to the wheeled luggage option) provides a fashionable option for kids.

There are numerous advantages associated with the Jansport Wheeled Superbreak luggage, and one of the most significant is all the available space it provides. Your child is able to keep every school supply he needs with him, along with other personal objects, such as his mobile phone or portable audio player, if he has any. From books to notebooks, from pencil boxes and various projects, this Jansport backpack constitutes a perfect option for every student, no matter what grade he is.

Another extraordinary advantage of the Jansport Wheeled Superbreak is that your child does not need to burden his back carrying it all the way from home to school and back. This handy form of Jansport luggage provides the comfort to handle the backpack with ease just like a normal luggage.

Apart from being available in numerous online stores and shops in various patterns and models, the Jansport Wheeled Superbreak model has an extremely reasonable price, which makes it an appropriate choice for every parent's budget. The Superbreak, which is one of the most popular options of Jansport luggage for kids is on sale at Lexington Luggage for $74.99. You can also find the Drive 8 for discount price at Lexington Luggage for $99.00.

 Both of these wheeled backpacks from Jansport made with water resistant and highly durable materials. Your child will be able to keep this backpack for a longer periods of time and use it for vacations, as well as school for many years to come.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Top 5 Samsonite Luggage Sets for Kids

Samsonite is a world-renowned manufacturer when it comes to bags and backpacks, so it's quite easy to see why Samsonite luggage sets are the first choice for many families. However, what few are aware about is that Samsonite has its own collection luggage sets that are dedicated to kids' needs.

The luggage sets that Samsung offers come in a variety of models and manage to align successfully to the latest industry regulations. What's more, they are so designed that they offer a great option for kids. Without further introduction, here are five of the best Samsonite luggage sets for kids:

Samsonite "Fruits" Luggage Set 

Inspired entirely by children's imagination, Fruits backpacks, trolleys and bags look so delicious that your kid will want to eat 'em right on the spot! Pears, pineapples, cherries and any other fruit you might think of has been included in this Samsonite luggage set. The models are quite affordable and most of them come in a durable plastic design to protect your kid's precious belongings. With smiley figures all over, your child will definitely be happy to wear one of these wherever he/she goes.

Samsonite "Animals" Luggage Set 

It's no secret that the little ones love pets and animals, and Samsonite has successfully managed to exploit this thing. The Animals collection features owls, butterflies, elephants, dragons and plenty of other enticing species. All models benefit from realistic 3D details to add to their dimension and cuteness. School or fun, your kid will certainly be delighted with one of these Premium models. And if you want to make a pleasant surprise, opt for the Crocs model! Out of almost all of the Samsonite luggage sets for kids, it's everyone's favorite.

Samsonite "Cars" Luggage Set 

Aimed primarily at boys, the Cars luggage collection by Samsonite makes use of retro details combined with a modern appearance. These together make for eye-catching models, but resistance segment hasn't been ignored either. All items in this category benefit from durable trolley extenders and graphics rendering to make them as appealing as possible. If your kid loves races or competition cars, then one of these backpacks or cabin luggage will soon become his favorite.

Samsonite "Sweets" Luggage Set 

Even adults like sweets, let alone kids. The sweets collection manufactured by Samsonite comes in a very appealing shape, all models benefiting from pink shades and enhancements to pleasantly surprise girls' segment. Various sweets such as candies, cherries, boni-bonnes and many others are showcased on each model, fact which makes this Samsonite luggage set really adorable for the little ones. They will think of sweets all days, so if you decide to order one of these you'd better be prepared to spare some extra on candies.

Samsonite "Bees" Samsonite Set 

Being the latest in our Samsonite luggage sets ranking, the Bees collection is definitely a pleasant surprise from the company. In fact, it is one of the most realistically-driven range, benefiting from extremely well relief details. Bees' wings, legs, antennas, eyes, nose, and so on, are all designed to stand out in 3D, fact which will make your little one fall immediately in love with them. Choose the schoolbag and your kid will be the star in his/her class.

Opt for the upright trolley and your kid will definitely rock on vacation. Whatever you choose to go with, this collection of Samsonite luggage does not disappoint.

Want to see more? Check out a wide variety of Samsonite luggage sets at Here they offer plentiful options for Samsonite luggage sets at great prices.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Awesome Deals for Discount Wheeled Luggage for Kids

One often overlooked aspect about traveling with kids is luggage. In many cases, parents often resort to backpacks and other simple means to transport their kid's items. This can end up being a hassle, and literally, a pain.

Don't resort to a backpack for your kid's luggage when traveling. There are many different styles of kids luggage out there, and one of the best options is wheeled luggage for kids.

Wheeled luggage enables kids to move their own stuff with easy (and maybe even enjoying the process of doing so.) We know you're not keen on buying new luggage for your kid just before going on a trip. So we've found many different options for discount wheeled luggage for kids.

Below we found some discounted deals on kids wheeled luggage that will fit the bill.

Discount A.Saks Luggage

One of the best options for discount luggage is A.Saks luggage at In addition to A.Saks luggage, has a wealth of discount luggage options that's ideal of kids.

One product that's good buy is the A.Saks 31" Wheeled Trolley Expanable Rolling Duffle which is priced at below 50% off! The expandable option on this piece of luggage makes it great for kids to fit their clothes and toys, and wheeled option makes it easy for them to carry around. The price for this A.Saks option of awesomeness is $129.99 (original $275.00.)

Another great A.Saks luggage option that's equally as awesome but just a bit smaller is the A.Saks 25" Expandable Trolley Duffle. This offers similar features as the 31" A.Saks option, but just a bit more compact. The sales price tag is equally attractive at $119.99 (original $265.00.)

Discount TravelPro Luggage

If you have a little bit more money in your pocket for higher quality kids luggage, we've found TravelPro to be another great choice for discount luggage options. The TravelPro Luggage 20" Expandable Plus Rollaboard is a great choice for kids. Not only can this TravelPro luggage store many things with it's many compartments, but it's small enough for a kid to take around with them.

The good thing about this bag is that it has a discount price of more than $300. With the retail price of $600 you can get it now at just $294. Again, this is an amazing discounted luggage option at

Another great lugggae option for kids that's a bit larger is the Platinum 7 50 Expandable Rolling Bag, this bag is smaller in size than the other one but it can still fit many things inside, perfect for kid. While it's retailed at $1,000 dollars you can find this luggage bag at $449 today.

With so many different discount luggage options to choose, it can be hard to pick between the ones that are worth it and the ones that are not. From all of the different brands of luggage that there are for kids, the best brands for discount luggage seem to be: A.Saks, Eagle Creek, Briggs and Riley, and Korchmar.

There are many more different brands that are great for any kind of luggage whether it be for backpacks or messenger bags. Whether you are looking for luggage for yourself or for your family members such as your kids, any one of those brands will keep you satisfied when you take your trip.