Thursday, April 24, 2014

Travel-friendly Natural Toys for Toddlers: 3 of the Best Types to Buy

It is said that natural toys (which are often more simplistic and organically-made) are an important part of childhood growth and development especially to a toddler. Natural toys for toddlers helps young children develop their brains in such away that promotes imagination, creativity, and logic.

When traveling, parents have to be extremely cautious with the kind of toys that they buy their toddlers. The best way to go about this is to buy all natural toys that are simply, engaging, and travel-friendly. Here are five natural toys for toddlers that would are ideal for traveling.

Stuffed Animals

If you haven’t noted, these kinds of natural toys for toddlers have a unique ability to help your child feel safe and cozy. Maybe it is because of their fuzziness and how little they look allowing the child to have something that they can relate to.

Something to look out for in this case is the type of material that has been used for the hair. This is because synthetic hair can be easily plucked out or broken easily not to mention that it could be hazardous to the child’s health.

Look for unique stuffed animals that have bright colors and happy complexion when shopping for natural toys for toddlers. These toys can end up being your youngsters best friends for awhile, so choosing products that are uplifting is key.

Natural Blocks

Blocks have a unique way of stimulating a child’s mind. Every child is so inquisitive and these blocks offer a unique platform for this inquisitiveness to be channeled.

When on the go, seek simple forms of natural blocks containing only a handful of piences. You may notice your child trying to fit the blocks together and once they do, they will tear it apart and try to do it all over.

Make sure that the blocks are big enough. You can buy blocks in different shapes or even simple wooden stackers like the rainbow stackers. In fact, the rainbow stacker blocks are a great choice for natural wooden toys for kids for all ages, but for toddlers, they're ideal.

Natural Puzzles

Another particularly interesting type of natural toy that you can get your toddler are the wooden puzzles. I know what you're thinking - puzzles are natural toys for toddlers with tons of pieces. Well, not all puzzles.

Many puzzles can be found in simple, easy to keep organized sets. This also helps teach toddlers how to maintain could playing practices.

Puzzles are really good for learning, as they are particularly educative and a lot of fun too. These are the kinds of toys that could keep your child busy for endless hours allowing you to attend to other matters. This is mostly because they will have lots of pieces and kids love being surrounded by lots of things that are intriguing and friendly looking.

You may have noted that wood features prominently in the type of natural toys for toddlers. This is because wood is natural and safe for children. It is not treated and this ensures that it does not harm the child even when they put it in their mouth. Wooden natural toys for toddlers and kids are also very travel-friendly, so look out for these options when shopping for products.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Best Stores to Find Luggage in New York City

New York City offers both locals and visitors an extensive plethora of luggage stores. With all of the luggage stores in NYC, individuals and families can find name brand luggage sets at fairly awesome discount prices. 

If you're in the market for luggage, and need to narrow your options for discount luggage stores in New York City, we can help. We've done most of the work for you and have compiled some of the best, most locally-trusted luggage stores in NYC.

The Altman Luggage Store

Also an online leader for discount luggage, the retail store of Altman Luggage is located in New York City along Rivington and Delancey streets. It was established in the nineteen twenties and it offers a wide selection of luggage which range from top brands to other brands that are available in the market.

Altman Luggage store opens from 9am to 6pm from Sunday through Thursday. On Fridays the store is usually open from 9am to 3pm. Transport to the store is via the New York subway whereby you can navigate from F to Delancey Street, j and then z to the bowery street.

The interior of this discount luggage store in New York is filled with rolling suitcases that are stacked on its high shelves while it’s elegant and wide floor is flood with duffels and upright carry on's. The store stocks exceptional quality goods that are rarely found elsewhere and a quick look inside the store will reveal to you goods that are unique and fairly priced.

Some of the products that are stocked in Altman luggage in New York City include: the Vara Bradley floral print (that has a price tag of $320,) the standard Cole reaction wheeled uprights with a smooth leather trim and stud decorations (which goes for $340,) and the vibrant Heys hard side polycarbonate carry on that's priced at $139.

Altman Luggage in New York City also stocks luxurious fancy pens with a price tag that ranges from $5 to $5,000, in addition to mid-range watches with a price tag ranging from $50 to $500. On the rear side of the store there are many other accessories that are stocked and they include leather shave kits and unique Creek fleece neck pillows. For online shoppers, the luggage store offers a free next day delivery service for any purchase that exceeds $99.

The Bag House 

The Bag House store is at cross street which is in the tenth and Eleventh Street. The store opens from 11am to 6:45 pm Monday through Saturday and from 1pm to 5:45pm on Sundays. When you want to access the store then the subway is the most appropriate means of transport. This will involve the subway: L, N, Q and R, 4, 5, 6 to 14th St–Union Square, N R to 8th St–New York University and 6 to Astor Pl. The address to the store is 797 Broadway Greenwich Village New York.

The Bag House has been in operation in New York City since 1974 and it is owned by Hiro Irie who arrived in New York in mid 1960's as a foreign student from the Republic of Japan. The store is fully stocked with quality backpacks and Manhattan portage bags. One of the store’s sections is fully stocked with backpacks which are normally used by students from the nearby New York University. The store also stocks different bags like the JanSport leopard printed backpacks which are reversible and are priced at $51, the Eagle Creek uprights that go for $314 and the unique Baggallini rolling totes that sell at $171.

Lexington Luggage 

Also a leader for discount luggage sets online, Lexington Luggage in New York City is among the most popular and well-stocked luggage stores in the state of New York. The store is located along 793 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10020. The store also has an online store that gives a description of products and display of pictures where orders can be made online and delivery made upon payment for the goods. The store usually opens from 9am to 6pm Monday to Saturday and from 11am to 5pm during Sundays.

Lexington Luggage stocks a variety of bags with top brand luggage bags that include A Saks, the Travel Pro brand of bags, the Samsonite brand, the Zero Halliburton brand and the famous Delsey brand of luggage bags. The store boasts of caring staff that is always ready to attend to you. Many payment methods are accepted in the store and they include; cash, visa, the American Express, PayPal, major credit cards, master cards, payment through personal checks and the use of MasterCard.

The Lexington Luggage, Altman Luggage and The Bag House are some of the best luggage stores in New York City in which you can find some of the lowest discount prices on name brand luggage sets. They are recommended for shopping luggage in New York.