Thursday, April 24, 2014

Travel-friendly Natural Toys for Toddlers: 3 of the Best Types to Buy

It is said that natural toys (which are often more simplistic and organically-made) are an important part of childhood growth and development especially to a toddler. Natural toys for toddlers helps young children develop their brains in such away that promotes imagination, creativity, and logic.

When traveling, parents have to be extremely cautious with the kind of toys that they buy their toddlers. The best way to go about this is to buy all natural toys that are simply, engaging, and travel-friendly. Here are five natural toys for toddlers that would are ideal for traveling.

Stuffed Animals

If you haven’t noted, these kinds of natural toys for toddlers have a unique ability to help your child feel safe and cozy. Maybe it is because of their fuzziness and how little they look allowing the child to have something that they can relate to.

Something to look out for in this case is the type of material that has been used for the hair. This is because synthetic hair can be easily plucked out or broken easily not to mention that it could be hazardous to the child’s health.

Look for unique stuffed animals that have bright colors and happy complexion when shopping for natural toys for toddlers. These toys can end up being your youngsters best friends for awhile, so choosing products that are uplifting is key.

Natural Blocks

Blocks have a unique way of stimulating a child’s mind. Every child is so inquisitive and these blocks offer a unique platform for this inquisitiveness to be channeled.

When on the go, seek simple forms of natural blocks containing only a handful of piences. You may notice your child trying to fit the blocks together and once they do, they will tear it apart and try to do it all over.

Make sure that the blocks are big enough. You can buy blocks in different shapes or even simple wooden stackers like the rainbow stackers. In fact, the rainbow stacker blocks are a great choice for natural wooden toys for kids for all ages, but for toddlers, they're ideal.

Natural Puzzles

Another particularly interesting type of natural toy that you can get your toddler are the wooden puzzles. I know what you're thinking - puzzles are natural toys for toddlers with tons of pieces. Well, not all puzzles.

Many puzzles can be found in simple, easy to keep organized sets. This also helps teach toddlers how to maintain could playing practices.

Puzzles are really good for learning, as they are particularly educative and a lot of fun too. These are the kinds of toys that could keep your child busy for endless hours allowing you to attend to other matters. This is mostly because they will have lots of pieces and kids love being surrounded by lots of things that are intriguing and friendly looking.

You may have noted that wood features prominently in the type of natural toys for toddlers. This is because wood is natural and safe for children. It is not treated and this ensures that it does not harm the child even when they put it in their mouth. Wooden natural toys for toddlers and kids are also very travel-friendly, so look out for these options when shopping for products.